Ultracur3D ST80 Resin
White / 1 kg

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Product description

Explore resin printing on a new level with BASF’s Ultracur3D ST 80 Resin. This is a specially developed resin with superior toughness for a range of uses. It is a great way to achieve a lovely surface finish from a very smooth and flat to a highly textured and detailed surface. This is a multi-purpose resin that offers beautiful and consistent results.

Discover a professional resin that prints fast and works for multiple applications. Thanks to the material's combination of important mechanical qualities, this resin is the ideal all-rounder resin. When working with this material you can expect a high level of toughness and impressive impact resistance. Printed parts will be able to withstand UV light and be durable for the long term. BASF advises using this resin wherever you see fit. This is the ultimate resin for printing electrical casing, functional tools, and parts that require a lot of detail and texture.

Once you have washed and dried your printed resin model, process it in a curing chamber to protect it from deformation by all sources of light. This will also guarantee that your resin models obtain their designed mechanical properties.

  • Well-priced
  • Fast printing
  • Multi-purpose
  • High toughness
  • Impact resistant


General properties
sku BU3DST80W1KG
gtin 4065343002063
Type ST80
Net. Weight 1000 g
Resin Properties
Color White
Toughness 80D

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