Ultracur3D Resin Cleaner
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Product description

Experience swift and efficient cleaning with the BASF Ultracur3D Resin Cleaner. The resin cleaner removes unwanted uncured resin that might still be attached to your 3D resin models. It is compatible with a range of resins and guarantees clean resin parts ready for drying!

BASF has designed a wide range of resins that are either water washable or in some cases require a resin cleaner. This takes part right after a resin part has been printed. BASF advises that you use the resin cleaner by soaking a printed part for a time range of 5-10 minutes. Please do take into account that the time span will depend on many other factors like the type of resin and intricacy of the 3D model.

Thinking about the next step?

Always be sure to use the right tools for safety when working with liquid resin. 

In most cases, after cleaning and drying your 3D model, the next step is to process your model in a curing chamber. This protects it from deformation by all sources of light and also guarantees that your resin models obtain their designed mechanical properties.

  • User-friendly
  • Non-flammable
  • High-compatibility
  • Cleans resin models
  • Washable with water


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