Ultracur3D FL300 Resin
Neutral / 1 kg

Premium flexible engineering resin for printing a range of flexible parts and tools
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Product description

Explore resin 3D printing with the FL 300 Transparent Resin. This is a flexible resin designed to offer high softness and reliable rebound. Create flexible 3D artworks and industrial-level prototypes with the high-quality resin.

The FL 300 Resin brings a very low level of hardness, specifically shore 40A. This is comparable to the strength and flexibility found in a baby bottle tip. This material is manufactured to have an extremely low chance of tearing thanks to its remarkable elongation and break. With the FL 300, you can create functional prototypes that require to be very bendable and durable. 3D print flexible grips, footwear and more! 

A wonderful feature of the resin is that chemicals are not needed for washing printed objects. In fact, you can simply wash the 3D model with tap water. Always be sure to use the right tools for safety when working with liquid resin. After washing the model, process it in a curing chamber to protect it from deformation by all sources of light. This will also guarantee that your resin models obtain their designed mechanical properties.

  • Shore 40A
  • High tear strength
  • Superior elongation
  • Low-level hardness
  • Variety of applications


General properties
sku BU3DFL300N1KG
gtin 4065343001103
Type FL300
Net. Weight 1000 g
Resin Properties
Color Neutral
Toughness 40A

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