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Welcome to our wide collection of bearings. Here, you will find bearings of all types for your 3D printer, CNC machine, or general devices. Ensure smooth and calculated movements with our premium selection of bearings!

All about bearings for your 3D printer

Explore our large assortment to find bearings for every 3D printer or CNC machine. Bearings are an essential piece of equipment that allows a machine to function and carry out tasks in a smooth manner. A bearing, or ball bearing is a mechanical part of a machine that controls motion by restricting it to create desired movements. Bearings work to minimize friction between other moving mechanical parts as two metal parts moving against each other constantly would be very damaging to your machine. The rolling components within a bearing make sure parts can roll and effortlessly carry a load. Bearings are key to smooth axis movement and  movement.

Bearings date back into ancient times where it has been recorded that roller bearings made out of tree trunks were used by earlier civilizations to move large loads, for example during the construction of the Pyramids. Much later, bearings would be made out of materials like glass, sapphire, and steel. By the end of the 19th-century bearings became mainstream, playing an indispensable part in the industrial revolution by ensuring efficiency and accuracy in machine operation.

Today, we can find bearings in everyday uses. In fact, we cannot go without using them and if we did we would have to resort to continuously replacing parts ever so often. You can find bearings in your kitchen appliances, air conditioners, and computers. Furthermore, bearings have a vital role for several equipment and different contraptions. Bearings are located in your rollerblade wheels to the wheels of an airplane. Wherever rotation and movement are required, you can be sure to find bearings. Discover a range of premium bearings for your 3D printer or CNC machine!

Select CNC machine & 3D printer bearings

Within our assortment, you can find bearings for every 3D printer model! We offer different types of bearings like roller and ball bearings, linear bearings, and slide bearings. Furthermore, we have wheel bearings in our selection as well as useful spare parts for bearing assembly. Choose from a range of diameter sizes and bore sizes and lengths to fit your 3D printer.

Maintain and store your 3D printer’s bearings

If a bearing fails or does not operate the way it used to, it is often that lubrication is required. 

Choose your 3D printer lubricant based on the environment in which your 3D printer is located. It is best to not remove bearings from their original packaging until the moment you are about to use them. If you will not use the bearings immediately then it is a good idea to keep them greased.

Bearings for high-quality 3D prints

Bearings are crucial to providing slick and smooth precise movements. With bearings, you can expect that your mechanical components are properly connected and supported. Vibrations and ringing will be highly reduced and stabilized. This will allow fluid, yet controlled movement which is necessary to create spectacular 3D prints.

Types of 3D printing bearing loads

A bearing will have to bear two different types of loads known as radial loads and thrust loads, the latter also sometimes referred to as an axial load. In some cases, bearings are expected to perform both thrust loading and radial loading. Radial loads are perpendicular to the axis of rotation whereas a thrust load will be parallel to the axis of rotation. An example of thrust loads is when the 3D printer’s build plate moves over the Y-axis while a radial load is when timing belts are being guided.

Mounting bearings on a 3D printer

How you decide to mount your bearings onto your 3D printer will determine their efficiency, precision, and overall performance. Firstly the bearings, mounts, and parts should be cleaned well. Once mounted, make sure to grease the bearings and mounted parts for the high-performance and durability of your machine and its components. It is also important that you select a bearing with a dimension that can withstand certain loads that you would like your machine to handle.

Would you like to know about bearings for your 3D printer? Please contact us, we are happy to help!

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