Hard-Tough Resin LCD
White / 1000 g

Enhanced resin with exceptional strength for mechanical applications
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Product description

Experience high-resolution 3D printing with eSun’s hard-tough LCD resin for LCD resin 3D printers. The hard-tough LCD resin has been manufactured to contribute extreme hardness and toughness to printed parts. The resin has similar qualities to ABS filament, with a comparable surface feel

Create 3D models with your resin LCD 3D printer at a great level of detail with enhanced strength. Unlike common resins, this resin is specialized for mechanical applications and is ideal for printing parts with a high surface hardness that will not break during stress or repeated high loads. This is useful for parts like tools, gadgets, and casing.

eSun’s hard-tough LCD resin requires post-curing in a curing chamber once it has been rinsed in IPA fluid. These last two steps are crucial for your printed object to behave and fully receive the intended final hard-tough properties. Be sure to store your resin in a dark space away from light.

  • Good wear resistance
  • High mechanical strength
  • Great impact strength
  • Superb shock resistance


gtin 6922572278769
Net. Weight 1000 g
Resin Properties

Described what purpose the resin is optimized for.

Hard-Tough Resin
Color White
Type LCD
Toughness 81D
UV Wavelength 395-405 nm

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