Discover pack mixed filaments
1.75mm / 5 materials

Discover new exciting materials in 1.75mm for your 3D printer
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  • Discover pack mixed filaments
    1.75mm / 5 materials

    Discover new exciting materials in 1.75mm for your 3D printer

    € 150.45
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  • Discover pack mixed filaments|1.75mm / 5 materials
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Product description

Tired of printing PLA? Now you can experiment with new exciting materials! The different quality filaments ensure a great 3D printing experience and allow you to explore new ways to make your models into reality.

This pack includes the following materials.

 Real Filament PETG

PETG filament is one of the newer filament material types and has quickly become a very popular one, thanks to its impressive material qualities. PETG filament is viewed as having the best of both worlds- sharing the finest properties of both PLA filament and ABS filament! PETG filament has low warping and shrinkage and will create sturdy prints with a smooth finish. This filament is a food-safe plastic material that is bendable and has superb layer adhesion. In its neutral state, PETG filament is transparent providing multiple translucent and opaque color options available in our assortment. PETG filament is fully recyclable and prints at an extruder temperature between 230°C-250°C. PETG filament does not require a heated bed during printing.

Real Filament PLA Pro

Want a material that has a high mechanical strength, but does not warp like ABS? PLA Pro is a 3D filament for 3D users that want high-speed printing with better results. This compound is optimized of 3D printing like PLA, but with properties more like ABS, like temperature resistance and mechanical strength.

RepRapFilament ASA

ASA filament is an engineering thermoplastic specially created for outdoor use. Due to its extreme chemical resistance and UV light resistance, objects printed with ASA filament will keep their initial appearance for a very long time and will not be affected by weather. To successfully print ASA filament, have an extruder temperature of 220°C-260°C and a heated bed temperature of 80°C-100°C. Perform printing with an enclosure so that your object or part will not cool down too fast. 

RepRapFilament TPU

When compared to TPE, TPU filament is less flexible and has a large range of hardness containing materials that are very bendable to extremely rigid materials. To visualize this, think from a rubber band to a car tire. TPU filament materials will fall in a shore hardness range between 60A and 55D. TPU can be printed at an extruder temperature of 220°C-250°C. Using a heated bed is not required. It is best to print this filament material with a direct drive system.


Polymaker PolySupport filament offers exciting possibilities for 3D print applications where support is needed, but you don't want to bother with chemicals or liquids. Using the PolySupport you achieve excellent interfacing with PLA filament that can be easily removed by hand. The PolySupport PVB filament results in strong support for your 3D prints for a variety of 3D models.

  • Real Filament PETG
  • Real Filament PLA Pro
  • RepRapFilament ASA
  • RepRapFilament TPU
  • PolyMaker Polysupport


General properties
Type Discover pack
Filament properties

The base material used in the filament. For more information on the different materials, please check the Filament information page

Variant Discover pack
Color Multicolor
Color (on label) Discover pack
Diameter 1.75 mm

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